Rapha’s 12-Step Program for Overcoming Codependency


This book provides self-paced, interactive study and resources for weekly group sessions. Untangling Relationships also provides administrative guidance and suggested activities for small-group study. Untangling Relationships will help you: Pat Springle was senior vice president of Rapha Resources, and a manager for inpatient psychiatric care and substance-abuse treatment.

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Rapha’s 12-Step Codependency manual is a complete work that introduces the reader to the processes they must go through to find freedom from the lifelong pattern of codependency. This manual not only allows the person to identify the specific ways their life has been impacted by this deception but takes them through the steps that will set them free. This manual was part of Rapha’s Treatment programs that treated over 30,000 patients. There are no other book that have demonstrated the effectiveness and the attention to spiritual issues as this one.

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