There is an alarm that is sounding and if you are ignoring it then STOP tune out all other distractions and find your post.. There is an emergency at hand.. There are too many young men and women children and infants that are being used as bait to trap people and in the end we are Losing them, to a society and world that is controlled by perversion, drugs manipulation and technology that has them hypnotized… Their new study guide and information source is Instagram.. Snap chat Twitter etc.. They’re role models have become the people on vine and you tubers.. Again social media is controlling our babies not us as adults who use to install values and morals we taught our children discipline and most of all stood up and said AS FOR ME AND MY HO– USE WE WILL SERVE THE LORD.., nope it’s all about me me me .., what happen to fear of God.. when God asks you what have you done with what I have given you ? Where did that go .. I mean yes there are some who have to work two jobs to make ends meet yet this can not keep you from doing God’s will .. He trusted us with his children so are we showing ourselves approved? And this is not just a bias message I too will have to answer the question.. I have a teen and a young child who everyday do look at all that social media junk and if it were up to them that’s all they would stay staring at from the moment they wake up until they close there eyes for bed..

But I have had to tell everything else wait…my babies need me the less time I give them more time they get molded by a world that sucks there lives out of them and infiltrates a structure that society has created to keep them controlled and sedated looking for approval out there… All these mental sickness that all of sudden came up within 5 -10 yrs to give an excuse to drug them up legally with the parents consent.. Really so now we help society make addicts out of what we were entrusted with…Because they actually belong to God first .. We need to become aware now….. not later when things are completely out of order.. It baffles me how so many mothers have told me that they get into fist fights with their teens WHAT how/when did this become the norm in proverbs 22:6 we are told to point our kids In the right direction and when they are old they won’t get lost.. But we are so focused on making it at Work… At church.. Yes, many times we try working hard in ministry and market place (because it’s your calling) and forget our kids and just say if I take care of God’s things he will take care of mine.. Where he does,but pls don’t take it out of context ..because really our first ministry is our home if he can’t trust us with the family he gave us how can he trust us with others..
My prayer is for us young, old, man, woman and children of every nation please take heed to this.. It’s time to fall on our knees and REPENT cry out its never too late to ask Christ to come into your heart and cleanse us from all our old ways and make Jesus the owner of your life.. He wants a relationship with you the way you are.. None of us are perfect not even close, but he is and with that he still wants you and loves you.. He and only he can change us and everything around us … Be blessed on this lovely day the Lord has given us and rejoice in it….